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Solid State Records welcome The Showdown to their family

The following message was posted on behalf of Solid State Records:
"We'd like to officially welcome The Showdown to the Solid State Family! Their new album "Back Breaker" is available in stores and online August 19th! Check them out on MySpace and keep an eye out for new music from them in the coming weeks."

Back Breaker – tracklist:
1. Titanomachy - The Beginning
2. Hephaestus - The Hammer Of The Gods
3. Aphrodite - The Disillusionaire
4. Achilles - The Backbreaker"
5. Prometheus - The Fires Of Deliverance
6. Cerberus - The Hellhound Awaits
7. Odysseus - A Song Of Hope
8. Aries - I Am Vengeance
9. Infernus - You Will Move
10. Nemesis - Give Us This Day
11. Medea - One Foot In Hell

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