The Showdown: Temptation Come My Way
The Showdown - Temptation Come My Way - [Century Media Records]


"Temptation Come My Way" is this Elizabethtown, Tennessee Christian band's second attempt, and it certainly proves that giving some bands a second chance is worth the risk. 12 southern seasoned fried chicken wings that won't leave any cowboy or cowgirl hungry, and will surely keep 'em coming back for more are what's inside it.

A brilliant opening with some thrashy/heavy riffing, resembling those of Zakk Wylde or Pantera maybe, in "Fanatics & Whores", which is set to get the crowds roaring and then a whiplash from followers "Head Down" and "Six Feet Under", standard mid-pacers with 80's heavy metal oriented leads, sweet solo's, and a bit of a new vibe are bound to disclaim any pessimists, who thought "A Chorus Of Obliteration" is all The Showdown has do offer.

Among the better tracks you'd gladly find the thrashier "Breath Of The Swamp", a short and effective attack with very expressive vocals (including some screaming), the possible hit "Forget My Name" with it's great energy and great lyrics, and the finely riffed but lacking non-cheesy lyrics "Spitting In The Wind".

Some bitter-sweet flavors arrive with "We Die Young", "I Victim (Here's To The Year)" and the closing track "Death Finds Us Breathing" - they're just a bit too close to the emo/punk-rock The Showdown had streamlined in their previous work, and bear some unwanted similarity to acts like 3 Doors Down, Nickelback and Breaking Benjamin, to name a few (though heavier and quite distant from post-grunge/alternative-rock).

Compensation comes from highlights such as the aforementioned opener and "Breath Of The Swamp", as well as from "It Drink From Me" and title track "Temptation Come My Way"; one being a witty semi-acoustic bluesy ballad about alcoholism, and the other proving the tag of southern rock/metal well – both, btw, bear much of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, and might get you wondering if there's something in Tennessee's water or, more likely, in its JD. Another surprise is a Kansas cover, "Carry on My Wayward Son", which will probably be seen by most as blasphemy, while others will just enjoy the sweet melody and inspiring lyrics amped up by some distortion.

A clean slate for this young Tennessee band was surely needed after their slightly confused first release ("A Chorus Of Obliteration"), and so came some lineup changes and finally a much-needed decision on what genre they're gonna play, this time The Showdown made a smart move, and chose southern rock/metal. Let's all put our hands together and hope they stick with it.

Ofer Vayner

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