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Martin Lopez Leaves Opeth

After several months away from his drumming duties in Opeth Martin Lopez has permanently decided to leave the group. After being plagued by illness and anxiety attacks Lopez decided he wanted to concentrate fully on his own project, currently unnamed. His replacement will be Martin "Axe" Axenrot who's been filling in for the last 5 tours and who also recorded with the band during the recent BBC sessions.

Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth frontman): “However sad I and the rest of the band feel in light of Lopez departure I want to thank him for his incredible work with Opeth and immense dedication to the band. We recorded some classic stuff together and he obviously had an enormous impact on our sound. I now feel very excited to hear the material of his own band. In the meantime Opeth fans can rest assured that we'll continue jamming it out with Axe and we all have high expectations about our coming musical ventures” .

Photo: Micke Johansson
Opeth - band photo by Micke Johansson
Peter Lindgren, Per Wiberg, Martin Mendez, Mikael Åkerfeldt & Martin Lopez

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