Graveyard Dirt: Shadows Of Old Ghosts
Graveyard Dirt - Shadows Of Old Ghosts - [Lugga Music Productions]


Here is something quite rare, an Irish doom metal bands who's music harkens back to the days when such giants as My Dying Bride and Anathema walked their first steps upon the earth, and British doom metal ruled the planet.

In the early 90's it felt as if My Dying Bride couldn't put their foot wrong, but to me nothing they made after the eternal Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium EP in 1991 really reached that level of majestic timelessness.

The fact Graveyard Dirt sound so similar to that area of My Dying Bride's music is because they're from that area. The band started out in 1994, and then fell apart in 1997. this, their first official EP is 3 re-recorded songs from their past, and they bear that air of quality that very few doom bands have managed to manufacture artificially since.

Simply put, this is classic British doom, atmospheric and somber, written and played in the best possible way. The band's music conveys rich lyricism alongside an oppressive sadness that one can not remain indifferent to.

With three tracks clocking at an impressive 33 minutes playing time, it's clear these guys don't rush things, yet the tracks do not overstay their welcome. This is all a real doom metal album should be, add that to the fact these guys can actually play, and that vocalist Paul Leyden has a strong, clear and emotive voice, and you have the perfect doom metal album in your hands.

I just pray to the gods of doom they can hold it together this time, the world deserves depression this good.

Alon Miasnikov

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