Akoma: Lost Forest
Akoma - Lost Forest


I had no real expectations while preparing to listen to Akoma - they looked like another inexperienced female fronted symphonic metal band, in a genre that has brought a lot of disappointment and lack of talent during the past few years…
Gladly, Akoma made a huge impression right from the start of this 3 song EP.

The first song "Lost Forest" is a perfect track to show this band's qualities- great vocals by singer Tanya Bell, heavy guitars and drums, and huge atmosphere…dark and heavy, just the way I like it. This song is a mix of old Within Temptation and even older The Gathering… without a doubt- the best song on this album, and in my opinion- one of the better tracks in this genre in a while.

The second song "Running Away" is slower, less impressive, but still a very good symphonic metal ballad with some beautiful clear singing.

The band finishes strong with "Forgotten Hero" – a heavier song, strong vocals and yet again HUGE atmosphere behind it.
Production of this EP is very good, and the artwork for the album was made by Paul Allender (Cradle Of Filth) - yet another treat!
This was a great surprise! What a cool album from a band only 3 years old-can't wait for a full length effort from these guys!
Keep up the good work!

Kumeran Dalach

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