Dimension F3H: Does The Pain Excite You?
Dimension F3H - Does The Pain Excite You? - [Dark Essence]


Dimension F3H is actually a project by Limbonic Art's Morfeus's project, dealing this time with industrial-Goth metal which brings to mind some current work by Samael, with some heavier elements bringing to mind the black metal Limbonic art is a prime purveyor of.

Very well produced, the album has all that's right for a release of this kind, quasi-industrial drum beats, atmosphere setting sequencers, thick-sounding guitars and Morfeus's deep, heavily distorted vocals that bear a slight melodic-tinge to them in most tracks.

What makes this release stand-out is its relatively raw approach, sticking to more "metal" direction than the more pop-oriented industrial bands such as the after mentioned Samael or the successful Deathstars. The music takes quite surprising twists and turns and doesn't refrain from more violent and aggressive segments that assail the ears with a clearly less benevolent attitude than most similar bands.

While tracks such as the relatively communicable Cyberqueen do take the easy way and come out quite easy on the ears, songs such as the opener – Babylon or the dark Final Solution really shine with their unrelenting bleakness of delivery.

It's nothing too new in the genre, but it's quite more developed and less user-friendly than many of its contemporaries, it seems these black metal types such as Morfeus have plenty more music in them than just simple aggression.

Alon Miasnikov

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