Back One Out: Helpless
Back One Out - Helpless - [Ammonia Records]


One thing for sure - this Emo/Punk/Rock band will not surprise you. These guys sound exactly like what you’d expect them to sound, and unfortunately-like countless other bands from these genres.
This Italian band has released a solid album with a distinct American sound that lacks uniqueness, combining up-tempo punk-rock songs and slower ballads.
I expect this album to do well in the sales department amongst fans of the genre, but not raise any eyebrows amongst anyone who’s not..
Positive aspects of the album include great production and sound; this album does not repeat itself and presents some degree of versatility. The rhythm section sounds great and makes me feel that with some more originality- this band could be much more impressive.
To sum it all- for all of you boys and girls in mainstream society-you will truly love this band, who’s initials sum up to BOO, but similar to someone jumping behind you screaming “BOO!”- The effect will wear off fast.

Kumeran Dalach

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