Allun: Onussen
Allun - Onussen - [Bar La Muerte]


There's nothing better than to kick off a Saturday morning with a stammering rock improvisation mayhem. Like four street cats on a hot tin roof, the girls of Allun go berserk. They catfight , scream, indulge and pamper each other , but mostly they're trying real hard to play their instruments that they obviously don't know much about. That's just what makes this album so good. Allun are not captured in some musical restrictions that force them to tune or to play their instrument on the right scale. They feel free to do what they want , treating their instruments like toys that are meant to end up broken and hardly abused. They may not break new musical boundaries , but it's always great to hear a new band that's willing to experiment music not only with technical skills but with pure enthusiasm. "Onussen" sounds mostly dark and perverse , but it holds some funny moments as well when the girls jerk around even harder. It's not hard to imagine them recording the entire album by lying on the floor or lying on each other. In deed , i sense some lesbian jazz core conspiracy Allun will definitely make your day if you're into everything from post-psychadelic and industrial godfathers Cromagnon , early Einsturzende Neubauten , early Sonic Youth , early Virgin Prunes ( "A New Form Of Beauty" era) , Zorn's Naked City and Pain Killer , and most of all Japanese psychos Boredoms and Melt Banana.

Rani Zager

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