SubArachnoid Space: Also Rising
SubArachnoid Space - Also Rising - [Strange Attractors]


After the brilliant "These Things Take Time" , Mason Jones and Co. are back with another challenging jam session. "Also Rising" has the ability to numb to complete any sense of time , but not as a relaxing "left my watch back home" kind of Tropican vacation.Subarachnoid Space illustrate the feel of being senseless while having trouble to navigate in the wide and open outer space, mostly when Melynda Jackson's mathematical guitar improvisations invades the "territory" of Mason Jones' swirling guitar delay-drone, overwhelmed by a tight and aggressive rhythm section and howling 70's vintage analog keyboards.Instrumental space rock has never been so emotional and alienated at the same time.Spontaneous, refined , synchronized or hostile,Subarachnoid Space can take a common stone and cut it into a psychadelic polished diamond.

Rani Zager

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