Black Succubi: Demo 2007
Black Succubi - Demo 2007 - [Unsigned/Self-released]


Denmark's Black Succubi are what I'd call a band going back to the roots. Ok, ok, they haven't been around for a couple of decades, but with this, their third release so far, they sure capture the essence of hard rock and heavy metal and even make it do tricks for our enjoyment.
Quite obviously, this is a demo and it consists of only two tracks - so it only serves as an appetizer to an upcoming album (so the band says) and to those unfamiliar with the hard and heavy sound of Black Succubi. And what a good first impression it is!

Both tracks are guitar laden, loaded with fine riffege, licks and solos straight from the 80's hard&heavy factory, but the real ear-catcher is Jan Lundstrøm's soaring voice.
While some guitar parts in "Time To Get Even" may seem unorthodox for the true heavy metal fan, Jan's vocals (occasionally backed by other band members) sure mark and highlight the song as an anthem. "Blood And Flames", its partner, is slightly reminiscent of "Forged By Fire"-era Firewind, with some thrash tinge; it swoops into a whirlwind of solos, double-bass drum hits and meaty bass lines, showing some more variety.

There's no doubt about Black Succubi's sheer display of forceful hard rock, nor much doubt regarding their upcoming debut's content. One thing that does need some attention is the rhythm section's sound, especially the flat-ass bass drums' thumps. If all goes well, you'll get a badass album with some torching metallic cover to headbang to and your neighbors' headaches as evidence for Black Succubi's supremacy.

Ofer Vayner

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