Gordian knot: Emergent
Gordian knot - Emergent - [Sensory (a division of The Laser's Edge)]


Gordian knot - emergent - is one of the most pleasantly surprising albums
I have ever heard.
how's that for an opening ? well for this album you'd have to hear it for
yourselves to get a clue about my words here.
this album features a set of great musicians doing their thing in a most
harmonious , jazz like , way .
at times combining different musical styles to create a most versatile album
that is united with two common delimiters : energy and total collaboration .
all through the album the metal style presence is there .
electrifying lightning storm guitars , heavy bass line , a set of drums that
will nock Lars Ulrich and Nick Mason out of their heads and in every track a different other
instrument makes its appearance
without interfering with the Harmony already present throughout the album.
track 4 , "fischers gambit" , a rare combination of metal instruments with a
piano and classic guitar -
a masterpiece by itself !
track 1 , "arsis" , sets the perfect opening for this great album . a deep ,
to the deepest of sounds ,
emerges from Sean Melone's bass guitar as it stands alone in an enchanting
, mystical tune.
the 2nd track ,"muttersprache" then explodes with energy . a full metal
jacket that will linger through
the whole CD .
track 3, "a shamans whisper" , starts of with African drums in the
background while the guitar picks up in
a scream like kickoff and into a drum guitar dialog - perfectly performed .
track 5 , live , "grace" is so mellow it screams out . its so different
from the album yet does not break
a sweat in keeping the listener concentrated to the Alice in chains like
humpback whale slide guitars and base
with no backing drums. it's like stepping into another dimension for a
relaxing atmosphere. the stuff "good"
is defined from .
track 6 , "some brighter thing" , explodes again into a metal , jazz like
throughout the album a great sense of order and orchestration is felt .
speedy clean sounds , heavy distortions , a hasty bit , a collection of
tones in different scales all in one
beautiful combination .
track 7 , "the brook the ocean", is a deep jazz almost tribal melody , all
instruments get to play a solo
performance that maintains the order and form . I was impressed !

last 8th track "singing deep mountain" will finish the whole CD with the
same energy the album possesses .

this whole album is instrumental , inspirational , mystical and above all
good music.
I give it 10 out of 10 .

Shay Alcalay

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