Control: Misanthrope
Control - Misanthrope - [L. White Records]


Something wicked this way comes , but it ain't Iced Earth i'm talking about . Thomas Garrison a.k.a Control and Exsanguinate is responsible for this sinister output. Death industrial is the name of the game , and a deadly game it is. Garrisom melts down and tearing apart sonical and dense constructions to create an hallucinogenic and bad trip like atmosphere. You could almost sense the horrible reek of wretched cadavers in a pathological institute that its' air condition broke down, and the occasional harsh distant screams take this album to a higher level of convulsive hate. This release will appeal to fans of the more relentless albums from such labels as Cold Meat Industry and Old Europa Cafe , Haus Arafna's "Children Of God" and to those who are into Ant Zen's Morgenstern and Converter's "Blast Furnace". It might be a little less threatening then his previous album on Black Plagve, yet it still serves as an impressive and misanthropic delusion of fith and fury.

Rani Zager

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