Marufura Fufunjiru: Patience
Marufura Fufunjiru - Patience - [chmafu nocords]


Horror noise rears its ugly bubbling head , this time in the incarnation of Marufura Fufunjiru .I can't really tell if the guy behind this release is Japanese or just a wannabe that actually eats his cereal in Graz , Austria , but i wouldn't be surprise if it's actually the same guy who runs the "Non Profit" (yeah , right) small label of Chmafo Nocords. Anyhow , although geographical location has its' importance , we'll focus here on the music , so your guess is good as mine.

This is music that will make you confused , that's the only thing i'm sure of. Your head will spin like you've just been hit in a seductive car accident a la "Crash" by J.G Ballard. This is a sure prescription for an ear hemorrhage , expect constant bleeding through listening to the entire album. Marufura Fufunjiru loads layers over layers of shrieking white buzzing noises and he never gets tired or fed up , nor my ears , who are more than curious to hear what kind of noize he's gonna abuse next , what horrific samples (like on "Bath") we'll stretch the tension to a new level of boiling insanity and how come he's allowing himself to joke around with a surprisingly melodic tune all of a sudden and goofy vocals on "Dhrugetsute" before it goes berzerk ? .once again , your guess is good as mine , but this is pretty good stuff.

Rani Zager

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