Dissonance: Reincarnate
Dissonance - Reincarnate - [Nilaihah Records]


Dissonance – A combination of two tones or more that creates a strident sound
Or a dark-electro-pop duo that creates a very exiting pleasant sound.
Dissonance second album under Lars Hansen (Oniroid Psychosis) production reminds a bit of Garbage last two albums.
“reincarnate” hits off with two songs that any of them can make Dissonance career:
“anxiety” with rhythmic guitar riff played on wicked synthesizer (a trick they use very successfully all along the album), Madness style melody and an excellent C -part.
Song number two is an electro cover for the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”.
Doing a Beatles cover usually considered to be quite a dangerous act but dissonance pulls it off with a new psyched out version, Cat Hall sings so low that there’s a good chance she sings by the original scale.
There are also several songs that are in dark-80s style like the gentle “fearless”.
And for an encore there are two additional remixes:
A remix by Leif Hansen (Signal 12) for “control” combining Darbuka samples.
The other one is a simple remix by Lars Hansen for “desperate” with a repetitive chord riff over which there’s the vocal line and some effects.
David Sebrind is an excellent programmer and composer and Cat Hall has Shirley Manson’s looks and style with a bit of Marilyn.
Although “reincarnate” is more than a bit alternative mainstream it is that same thing that make it stand out in a time when every Electro album sounds the same or drifts into Club-Trance.

Tal Galfsky

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