Nail Within: s/t
Nail Within - s/t - [Listenable Records]


Originality is the name of the game those days. Does original music really sell those days? No one can tell. Take for example the one-man project Oxiplegatz his music was completely something new, but still…the listeners couldn’t swallow it and thus his 3rd opus didn’t saw the light of day because the 2nd album sold about 5000 copies world wide. On the contrary, Green Carnation’s Light of Day, Day of Darkness was much more successful. But the point is that you won’t see many more ground establishing releases that really hit the charts, most of the best selling records those days are mainly because good song writing and more then nice musicians. Behemoth’s Zos Kia Cultus isn’t so different from any Morbid Angel album, they just took their own touch and added to Morbid Angel style, and we have a great album that sells world wide. As I said, it all depends….
Israeli Nail within decided to travel to the cold areas of Germany in order to produce the best album that they can. They recorded in Spiderhouse under the skilled hands of the famous Harris Johns (Sodom, Kreator etc…). Absolutely perfection was their target; they were accompanied by four well known men from the metal scene, starting with the Gothenburg famous Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates, German thrash legend Mille Petrozza of Kreator, Salem Zeev Tananboim and the Assassin Robert Gonella, all of them joined the thrashy vocals of Yishay Swearts. The mixture of the voices grants depths and highlight songs like: “Dirty Colored Knife”, “Under the Spell”, “Bleed Forever”, “Inhuman Conditions”, “Last Nail” and my favorite one “King Obscenity” were Harris Johns tried his luck in singing.
From the opening riff it’s obvious what the music will be sound like: Tribute to their influences. Imagine Kreator playing their cover version to The Slaughter of the Soul.
The result is well played thrashy death metal. The songs are very groovy, great work of Nir Nakav (Salem, Arallu, Glitter) on the drums with nice guitars work, too bad that there aren’t more guitar solos then the few here.
The great artwork is made by Nir Gutraiman. The psycho multimedia clip directed under the hands of Nir Nakav is a very nice addition that to the overall of this cd. A great debut album to the thrashers that put Israeli nail in the world map of Thrash Metal.

Tomer .L.

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