Beneath The Sky: What Demons Do To Saints
Beneath The Sky - What Demons Do To Saints - [Victory Records]


Cincinnati's Beneath The Sky gained quite a lot of fans with their brand of violent, aggressive metalcore, evident in their debut EP - "More Than You Can Handle", and their first full length release for Victory Records - 2007's "What Demons Do To Saints" should add even more fans to the band. It's not an overly complex affair, but it does contain its fair share of brutal and energetic metalcore, with some grindcore elements, and lighter, almost rocky melodies rearing up here and there.

There's not much the guys hold back, from the opening "Goodfellas" it's mostly breakneck speed-core, strong growled vocals and tight riffing; they don't do pop-core a-la Killswitch Engage, and they don't tend to create elaborate and complex songs they way Misery Signals do, these guys are here for impact, and they do it well.

There are several slower, and more intricate numbers, such as "7861", one of the best tracks here, as well as "Our Last Road", which also brings in another flavor from the band, it seems that even when they take the leg off the pedal for a minute, they still manage to make it interesting.

It's certainly not an easy album for the more melodic oriented metalcore fans, but for those who seek an injection of aggression and some tight musicianship, this should do the trick.

Alon Miasnikov

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