Dyonisos: An Incidental Collection
Dyonisos - An Incidental Collection - [MALS]


Dyonisos is a one man group featuring American Dan Cowan, who wrote and produced all the songs for this compilation CD. Dyonisos’ music is described as a mix of Pink Floyd, Camel, Alan Parsons and RPWL, so If you are a fan of these bands then you will probably love this album, Especially the guitar solos in songs like "Reasons", "Pasture In Kahaluu" and "When Silence Has Spoken", which sound very much like great guitar players such as Gilmour and Latimer.

Unfortunately there are also a couple of boring songs on this CD, like "Absolute Center Of Nowhere" and "Ohia Lehua", which are lacking and don't deliver the goods. As a result- this album is hard to rate in a way that would do it justice, but if I had to - I would give it a disappointing 7.

Kumeran Dalach

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