Threshold: Dead Reckoning
Threshold - Dead Reckoning - [Nuclear Blast]


I have been a fan of Threshold’s music for a while. What drew me were their power, the amazing guitar riffs and melodies, and the wonderful voice of Damien Wilson. But when new vocalist Andrew Mac McDermott joined the band, their sound became even better. Their last release "Subsurface" was one of the best prog-metal albums of 2004 and at that time I was even wondering if Threshold could produce a better album. I'm glad to say that "Dead Reckoning" is a fantastic new album, a masterpiece of melody and power and a must for melodic prog metal lovers.

The CD kicks off with the amazing song "Slipstream"- it is very melodic, with a sparkling solo by Karl Groom and Mac’s vocals are extremely well. "This is your life" has a very addictive and super catchy chorus and it says "Threshold" all over.

"Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams" is the first masterpiece - A power ballad that provides everything you would expect from a band like Threshold. "Fighting For Breath" is a song filled again with beautiful, emotional melodies and prog parties. The last track on the album "One Degree Down" is also a very melodic prog metal song with brilliant vocals and extremely well played guitar parts.

"Dead Reckoning" is a great album. One of the best I've heard in the past year- it simply delivers. This band deserves more recognition- go get this album!

Kumeran Dalach

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