Taetre: Divine Misanthropic Madness
Taetre - Divine Misanthropic Madness - [Mighty Music]


The Swedish wave of Death Metal seems to run out of new fresh ideas, but it doesn’t mean that every new release is boring and sounds the same like many others. You can always enjoy new releases from the same old bands, for example I can find Dark Tranquility’s Damage Done simply great album, but original it’s not, the new The Haunted sounds like Slayer meets At The Gates and so on, you’ve got the point I think….

Taetre is a band with roots in Black Metal and this can be felt in the background of the music with chilly keyboards, and that was one of the parts that kept me interested in the music with the melodic and catchy riffs. And I guess that this part is what makes Swedish death metal different from the American one. The one thing that impresses me the most on this album is the melodies. They are really great and make you flow with the music. The guitar riffs are quite aggressive and fast and the drums are blasting in the background and the growling just adds to the overall feelings.

The music is played at full speed causing the average length of the songs to be at the maximum of 3 min each, and the total speed of the album to be 35 min, a simply blast to the face, not too boring album.

Another good note about this album is the production which made by Andy La Rocque, and all in all a much recommended release for the fans of Swedish Death Metal.

Tomer .L.

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