Dim Mak: Intercepting Fist
Dim Mak - Intercepting Fist - [Mighty Music]


Let’s start from the beginning. The old school death metal fans should be familiar with the name Ripping Corpse, the first band of the Morbid Angel Erik Rutan. The band broke up in 1993 after releasing one album. Several years later three parts of the five decided to reunite and establish a new band under the name of deadly martial arts Dim Mak.
Intercepting Fist is their second album and creates some kind of a closer when it’s been produced under the hands of their former band mate Erik Rutan, and it’s a kind of a concept album of martial arts as the song titles are: Phoenix Eye Fist, Komodo Whip, and Essence of the Northern Fist.
The music shows a rough blending of Death Metal, Thrash Metal and some elements of Metalcore. The music is a powerful combination of blast speed thrash metal, death metal and some metal core influences. The music is quite technical and counter pointed by the barked vocals. The drummer is great with his cymbal work that fills in the music with a fresh and complex drumming technique, and the guitar solo’ s can sometimes be easily fits in martial arts schools.
To name one song to look for: Phoenix Eye Fist.
Looking at the modern standards, Dim Mak isn’t so fitting. But those who cherish the old school death metal will likely wants this album in their cd collection.

Tomer .L.

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