X-Sinner: Fire It Up
X-Sinner - Fire It Up - [Retroactive Records]


American Rock N' Roll, pure born and bred, that's X-Sinner. This band started out back in 1988, and released 4 albums as of now, with this, their latest – being a re-recorded version of 1991's "Peace Treaty", which has been out of print for the last ten years.

There's not much sophistication or progression in this, it's simple clean rockin' fun, with a heavy dose of classic American hard rock and southern rock, smelling heavily of early AC/DC. Vocalist Rex Scott has a great voice, just dirty sounding and with the right amount of grit to sit in well with the music.

The opener is the only new song here, it may be a demo, but it sounded good enough, with some great riffs and a simple and catchy structure. One of my favorites here is the great "Gotta Let Go", this is equally AC/DC and Dangerous Toys, again, not overly complex, quite basic in fact, but it has the right drunken swagger that makes this kind of music work.

It's not prefect, I've never been a big fan of rock ballads, and "Don't Go" is just that, straight off the 80's (well, early 90's...) it still sounds dated. Good thing it's followed by such a great number as "Peer Pressure".

So, if you like your Rock N' Roll heavy and with the right amount of attitude, this is a good album for you, still, if you have an aversion for 80's tinged rock/metal, stir away, this is for oldschool fans only.

Alon Miasnikov

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