Perpetual Fire: Endless World
Perpetual Fire - Endless World - [Adrenaline]


Yep, its another Italian power metal band, fast melodic riffs, double bass drumming, soaring high vocals, the accent is there, the melodic keyboards, you get the picture.

Though there isn’t an original bone in here, you still have to give it to them for professionalism, all the elements are quite well done, even the high-pitched vocals are not as annoying as you'd expect, with a pretty good range, and even some death growls (!) and the guitar playing is impressive, no doubt about it, the thing is, it doesn’t really go anywhere special.

The opener is a fast, melodic number with all the right elements for an Italian power metal anthem, the vocals are a bit upsetting in the verses, but they fall together right in the chorus. Second cut – Shadow Call is better, fast and melodic with a heavy dose of keyboards, the strong lead work by guitarist Steve Volta (ex- Pandaemonium) a neo classical enthusiast, is very strong indeed.

The added punch is the band's cover of Blondie's Call Me, strangely, it works! It may be embarrassing, but sometimes these 80's covers really do the job, here, it does.

This may not be the best of Italian power metal releases, but its certainly capable enough, they just need to add something else to the music, something to differentiate them from the rest of the band, and then they can achieve greatness.

Alon Miasnikov

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