Born From Pain: War
Born From Pain - War - [Metal Blade Records]


I'll say this for Holland's Born From Pain - they're not a candy ass metalcore band, still, as far as metallic hardcore goes, they are capable enough, but nothing to write home about.

Their fourth release "War" is heavy and unforgiving, it's hardcore with strong metallic guitars and aggression, very similar to Hatebreed's, who seem to be the main influence here; they have a strong drummer and some decent guitar parts, and the vocalist has a perfect hardcore voice, but still, there's nothing too unique or too interesting about this.

Uber-producer Tue Madsen does his usual sterling job with the sound, but there's very little diversity or focal points in the music itself, almost every song just rolls on with mindless aggression, it actually reminded me of another recent disappointment, Hatebreed's latest – "Supremacy", both sound similar in both their professionalism and solid sound, but also in their lack of uniqueness or really strong songs.

Some guests are used to spice up the proceedings, Gorefest's Jan Chris adds some cookie monster vocals to "Crusader", Hatesphere's Pepe adds a lead to "Scorched Earth", Sick Of It All's Lou sings on "Doomsday Clock", and Napalm Death's Barney sings in "Behind Enemy Lines" - respectable company indeed, but it doesn’t rescue the album from being what it is: Well produced, professional sounding, but not much more.

Alon Miasnikov

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