Resurrected: Endless Sea Of Loss
Resurrected - Endless Sea Of Loss - [Morbid Records]


Underneath the seemingly endless see of melodic death/metalcore bands selling their albums by the bundle today, exists a soft underbelly that's comprised of some truly brutal death bands that seem to go almost unnoticed by the main stream metal media.

Germany's Resurrected as one such as this, a veteran brutal death band, active since 1993 (!), who's this is their fifth release, to them, time, fashion and melody are like dust in the wind; they continue creating solid, heavy as well and brutal as shit death metal that might as well have been created in Florida in the early 90's, you get the picture, if brutal and somewhat technical death metal isn’t your thing, steer well away.

If it is, this is extremely well made for the genre, expect very little melody, but you can find crushing death riffs that borrow from Cannibal Corpse to name but one, you also get deep and guttural death growls, strong drumming and a deep, resonate bass basis. These guys can play, and they play at their most extreme, no soft keyboard carpets here, its just one fast and brutal cut after the other. The fact they season their music with gruesome movie samples just makes this harder to digest.

There's no denying that this kind of music does not have the same commercial appeal it used to have when these guys started out, but to those with an affinity for brutal, sick death metal, this is as good as it gets, well played and clearly produced, these guys kill.

Alon Miasnikov

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