Aggression: The Full Treatment
Aggression - The Full Treatment - [Morbid Moon Records]


Man, if anything, this re-release of this Canadian's band debut album surely delivers the band's namesake – Aggression, this raw, dirty son of a bitch is one of fastest, most violent thrash metal albums you'll get to listen to.

The sound, if we can call it that, is as 80's as it gets, logical when keeping in mind this was originally released in 1987, it’s a muffled blur of fast, hardcore-tinged noise, with one fast attached coming after the other, there's little in the way of tangible tunes or real riffs, its just a bunch of angry Canadians playing fast and brutal with a vocalist screaming his fucking head off like a toddler who's toy was stolen along with his mommy.

Just listen to the ridiculous "Green Goblin", it’s a thrash metal blast-beat, if anything, this reminded of some of Nuclear Assault's short and angry pieces, you get the point by now, technical speed – this ain't. And if the album is too raw for you, don’t even go near the bonus live tracks, they sound rawer than bleeding venison.

There are some redeeming features, they can play, you can hear that in the bass and lead guitars, and the drumming, as mindless as it is, is also quite impressive, and there's another thing, this just feels like a true 80's metal album, and as brutal, mindless and raw as it is, it will still warm the hearts of those of us who grew up listening to such aggressive noise.

Alon Miasnikov

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