Incendium: When Daylight Is Gone
Incendium - When Daylight Is Gone - [Self-released]


This is actually quite a nice 4 track demo by this young Finnish band, they create something that sounds a bit like Sentenced with more speed-oriented riffs, and deep, almost Goth vocals.

What disturbed me is the use of vocals; vocalist Aki Hahto has a good voice, he reminded me of Babylon Whores' Ike Vil, but he seems to miss the tune in certain points, some of that may be caused by the production, but I think the guy just needs to pace his vocals more accordingly to the music.

Standouts are track 3, "Weak", with a nice keyboard line and melodic lead that intertwines with it, the gloomy atmosphere works quite nice. Track 4 ads a female vocal in a short somber piece called "Letter", which actually works pretty good, I would keep the female vocals, she has a good voice and it sits in well with Hahto's best performance here.

This isn’t the best of demos, but it’s a rather respectable one from a band that definitely has talent, they just need to sort out their material a bit more carefully, and put more effort into the vocal lines.

Alon Miasnikov

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