Kadaver: Infected With Feelings
Kadaver - Infected With Feelings - [T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!]


Harsh noise, power electronics, industrial, electrical storms, Nightmares, sinus pain you get from a severe sinus infection – these are all in Kadaver's "Infected with feelings". There's no wonder it says "warning! Extremely high audio level!!!" on the back cover, I had to turn the volume down by half to avoid me speakers going on strike and my ears from bleeding internally and later joining that strike.
This is what extreme and experimental noise is about - making you feel uncomfortable, making you stare at the void and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, leaving you to become haunted by thoughts and the idea having thoughts and feelings.

Though it's hard to pin-point the intention of the author here, for this is non music with no meaning other than frightening you and hurting your ears, one might consider the option this is just an antithesis to music; the creator (Michael Zolotov) claims he used no musical instruments, and this even relates to the entire concept of this gory release – being as DIY as it gets (released on an underground sub-label, in a limited amount of copies with a handmade design… not to mention the actual music) – so it becomes clear this release is out there for the sake of those with strong stomachs, who are already used to this type of harsh noise and are seeking more fucked-up people creating fucked-up sounds.

Perhaps after this so called procedure the listener is indeed left with no feeling, for this 7-track release really can't be measure in any common standards.
Kadaver's tracks would work best live, in my opinion, along with some synched visual display – and you can be sure they'll be at least a few brave men (or women) that'll pay for that procedure.

Ofer Vayner

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