Sliter: Think Other Wise
Sliter - Think Other Wise - [Akom Productions]


God help me. Save me from Japanese bands that can't decide what kind of music they want to do. And Sliter are just that, a combination of core music, punk, alternative rock, you name it, they have it in there.

I have to give this to the band, they have some nice riffs and some fine guitar playing in there, but a few thinks throw it all to hell – the complete lack of direction, as I stated earlier, they cant decide what kind of music they want to play, second thing is the really god awful vocals, this guy couldn’t sing to save his life…

It all sounds the same, some nice ideas, a pretty decent sound, nice guitar playing here and there, mostly heavy core riffs, with some nice clean passages and some terrible leads as well, and the "vocalist" scratches his tonsils in what some people may be threatened into calling "singing".

If I had to give these guys pointers I'd say, first, decide what you are, alternative rock, metal, just make up your mind. Second, the vocalist, though a pretty good guitar player, as long as he doesn’t play lead, should stop trying to sing, and fast, for the sake of the world.

Alon Miasnikov

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