Disparaged: Blood Source
Disparaged - Blood Source - [Twilight-Vertrieb]


There's nothing too complicated about Swiss metallers Disparaged's death metal, this isn’t melodic death, metalcore, deathcore or death-pop - this is just plainly brutal, stripped down brutal death metal, with fast riffs, energetic drumming with a lot of blastbeats, and deep growled vocals that reminded me of Deicide's Glen Benton. The only addition to their death metal are the film samples that pop up everywhere, mostly grizzly, blood soaked scenes from horror movies, you get the drift, emo-this ain't…

"Contortion" is a good example of just how flinching the band is, they have a good technical ability, but some people may be deterred by their single mindlessness, melody or sophistication are out of the equation, just fast riffs and brutal gallops of rhythm, it’s a good thing the sound is this good, or else this would have turned out a mess… "Banished" certainly sounds no different, a blast beat as an opener, but the song throws in a curve-ball in the form of a melodic lead, this has a strong Morbid Angel feel to it, with added aggression.

Interesting side roads are tracks such as "In After Days", a track that starts slower, more calculated, with a dark atmosphere running throughout, the usual speed is added later, but there's a melodic lead break as well, a definite feeling of diversity here.

I'll end this by saying there's no denying the band's quality, and this is a very well put together album, but if you like it or not depends on how much of a brutal death metal fan are you, since its certainly that.

Alon Miasnikov

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