Burning Skies: Desolation
Burning Skies - Desolation - [Lifeforce Records]


Bristol's Burning Skies strike again with another slab of damn heavy deathcore, I reviewed the band's Previous release here, and if anything, these guys became more brutal since. What I liked about this release is that it also infuses some nice hooks and better melodic segments that tend to make this one more digestible.

Digestible doesn’t mean easy listening, mind you, Opener "RKD" hits you on the head like a sledgehammer, it may insert some nice melodic lead work as an afterthought, but by then your brains are all over the floor and it doesn’t really matter… Same goes for the second track, the same mad drumming and twin vocals by vocalist and guitarist, but the guitars also feature some melodic metalcore elements that tend to soften up the blow just enough for you to survive.
The band certainly lost none of its technical proficiency, the mid-section riff in the song is very well written, and it's drowned by brutality a moment later, but it's still there.

I have to say I liked the sound a lot better this time, the sound was fine in the last release, but the drums, already brutal, hit your eardrums and severely pierced them, this time it's more calculated, much more rounded.

"Bauer Power" feels like a neo thrash number but with added brutality, the slowed down lead section is great, and a track like "Damaged" makes sure you don’t forgot these guys come to kill, not make love, this is a heavy MF indeed.

To Surmise, this is another good album by these talented brits, may be too heavy for melodic metalcore fans, but it feels more mature and somewhat more negotiable than their last offering, making this a very good album indeed.

Alon Miasnikov

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