Shadows Land: Terminus Ante Quem
Shadows Land - Terminus Ante Quem - [Osmose Productions]


This Polish band's second full length is one weird beast indeed, a combination of death metal vocals, core riffs, some black metal arrangements, and industrial programming and keyboards. It's certainly extreme enough, quite well produced, and original, the question is, is it interesting? On that I'm not sure.

From the opening track it's quite easy to see there's no predicting these guys, very complex, strange riffing and a combination of many different elements make this a very hard pill to swallow. They make their technical proficiency known in such tracks as "Hunger Of Infinity", filled to the brim with strange riffing and some nice lead work, but I just couldn’t really connect to what the band's doing, there are no visible hooks or clear songs, most of the time it felt like a big melting pot of ideas with no real direction.

Thing get really weird in certain parts, just listen the first minute of "Efface Yourself", what the hell is that? I really cant put a clear label on the band's music, they may be misunderstood geniuses, but I just couldn't find any logic in this, to make things easier to understand, this sound like Behemoth going mad, it's death/jazz/industrial music taken to extremes. You might enjoy it, but I'm quite doubtful.

Alon Miasnikov

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