Kaleb: The Great British Invention
Kaleb - The Great British Invention - [Self-released]


As someone who grew up during the 80's listening to a vast array of British thrash and heavy metal bands, I hold a soft spot for band's trying out their hand at re-creating that great musical area. Young Brits Kaleb were a pleasant surprise, creating what might be described as a combination of classic NWOBHM with heavier, thrash-oriented riffs, a-la Onslaught and Xentrix.

This sounds is as can be expected from a self-released effort, its quite clear and the mix is fine, but the percussion lack any sharpness, again, since it’s a self released effort which probably cost as much as set menu in China Town, that can be forgiven.
The main thing here is the music, and the band does great with that, some good riffs and solid rhythm section, the vocals are of the melodic sort, strong accurate, the opener "Testify" is a simple, anthem-like thrash number. "Disconnect" is a bit more sophisticated with a modern touch; again, the band makes it work, the lead section is great, it's evident the guys can play.

This isn’t prefect, "Days In Chains" was a bit too simplistic for me, and the mid bass-section was overlong, but most the time these guys do it just right, "The Pariah" is one of heaviest tracks here, with some great lead sections and even death growls.

With a proper budget this band could do well, they have the talent and their hearts are in the right place, as a self released effort, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Alon Miasnikov

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