Crimson Falls: The True Face Of Human Nature
Crimson Falls - The True Face Of Human Nature - [Shiver Records]


Belgium's Crimson Falls aren’t nice, and that's an understatement. These guys mix the most machine-like metalcore with death metal growls, blast-beats and constant rhythm changes in what is, unmistakably, a very impressive and very well produced debut album.

"Erase All Fear" opens up the proceedings with a barrage of cold and calculated riffs, precision-made drums and some truly aggressive vocals, I couldn’t decide whether these guys are more into Fear Factory or Napalm Death, the infusion of death and core here is seamless. In "Controle ALT Delete" the picture is more obvious, Aborted man Sven adds his death growls in what is one of the heaviest tracks on an extremely heavy album as it is, this sounds like The Dillinger Escape Plan eaten by Obituary.

"Prelude To Cataclysm" gives a moments respite with some soft keyboards, and then we're into Nile territory with the crushing "Four Slaves, Four Struggles" that even brings to mind The Haunted. "In Flanders Fields" is a real corker, sophisticated almost jazz-like, it starts out quite and bursts into one of the albums strongest melodic cuts.

As I said, these guys aren’t nice, there are no simple hooks and melodic bits to ease your mind, like an iron mallet these guys hit you over the head until your skull is no more, they do so with class, with precision, but they still leave you dead.

Alon Miasnikov

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