Krusher: The Beast Within
Krusher - The Beast Within - [Unsigned]


Not much I can write about this four song single by Poland's melodic thrash/speed merchants Krusher, all I can say is this is a high quality slab of American sounding, 80's style thrash, with strong melodic vocals that bring to mind Metallica's James Hetfield's ones. Opener "The Beast Within" is a mid-tempo, paced number, strong riffs and a nice catchy chorus.

The band really shines on "Midnight Child", with its speed verses and almost Black Sabbath pre-chorus, the vocals are easily one of the finer points in the band, but all concerned are good at their own instruments as well; this sounds as some of the more able and better produced speed bands of the 80's. "Kingdom Of The False" starts off quite, with classical guitars, and a mean Hetfield sound-alike vocal bit, the rest of the track is mid-paced, double bass thrash that's among the best in this release, there's also a good lead in there as well.
The single ends well enough with a solid rendition of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck", with the vocals sounding almost like Brian Johnson's, its nice, though doesn’t live up or add to the original.

I'm quite eager to see what the band can pull off with a full length, because they sure do well with this one. They should get signed, and fast.

Alon Miasnikov

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