Brand New Sin: Tequila
Brand New Sin - Tequila - [Century Media Records]


I remember hearing Brand New Sin's debut a few years back, I was struck how good the album was, Pantera-like but closer to Southern hard-rock, these guys sounded like metal on Bourbon, smoked booze rock, call it what you will, the album rocked.

Some of the band's trademarks return in their latest "Tequila", the strong deep vocals by Joe Altier, the guitar talent of guitarist Kenny Dunham and Kris Weichmann, the tight rhythm section, but what fails the album are two things: a really god-awful sound, strangely after a master by the famed George Marino, who seems to have been asleep on the wheel here, and a lack of enough strong songs and hooks within them.

The first 2 tracks are just a continuation of what the band did before, but without the stronger points that made the old material good. Some great guitar leads, but that's about it. The fourth track, "Iceman", was actually boring, and the drum sound just drove me mad, man, George fucking Marino never did THIS bad. "Old" is another track that drags too slowly, as does "See The Sun". The songs that do save this are the faster ones, such as "Motormeth", that kicks in the speed and just rocks like the band did one their debut.

This will certainly appeal to Black Label Society fans, but it lack the energy and drive the band had before, at time it feels as if they're just going through the motions, that, combined with the terrible sound, make this quite a disappointment.

Alon Miasnikov

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