Casketgarden: Open The Casket, Enter The Garden
Casketgarden - Open The Casket, Enter The Garden - [Metal Age Productions]


Anyone viewing Hungary's Casketgarden as mere Dismember clones because of their name might want to listen to the band's second album and re-consider, this is easily one of the most crushing and riff-laden melodic death/neo thrash albums I had the pleasure of listening to this year, a real powerhouse of an album.

Similarities can be viewed to In Flames, with the melodic death metal riffs, there are also hints of The Haunted, and what some people might call Metalcore, because of the half-screamed vocals, but whatever you'd like to call this, this works well in all genres.

From the instrumental opener to the first riffs of "Open The Casket", the band has it where it matters, in the riff section, some truly strong guitar riffs, that's supported by a solid rhythm section and a really tight sound, it just work great. The combination of melodic lead work done with taste and thought adds a lot to the mix.

There are some slightly more sophisticated tracks as well, "One More Lie" slows down and uses more progy elements, the song is well built and the mid-section lead/riff is one of the best on the album. The added blast beat is quite a surprise, but in an album as diverse as this everything makes sense.

This Hungarian band is no lesser than any well-known American or European counterpart, I just hope these guys earn the recognition they deserve.

Alon Miasnikov

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