Exposed To Noise: A Reference To Desolation
Exposed To Noise - A Reference To Desolation - [STF Recors]


Germany's Exposed To Noise can generally be labeled as a metalcore/Emo band, their music is heavy enough to be labeled Metalcore, but the use of a lot of emo vocals turns them into the latter, another facet in the band's music is an almost alternative-rock melodies and structure, which, again, leads things to another direction.

Technically they're proficient enough, with very few guitar leads but some interesting riffs, good energy and vibe throughout, the first track being an almost anthem of emo depression. My main beef is with the vocals, good screamed ones, and good melodic ones while in the lower tones, but when the vocals reach the upper register something doesn’t work, it truly weakens some of the songs, the vocalist can sing, no doubt about it, be he need to avoid these high pitched, almost nasal lines.

There's nothing too groundbreaking here, but it's certainly a solid debut with plenty of good songs, at times not heavy enough for my taste, but emo and alternative-rock people should fine it quite enjoyable, if the band works on the above-mentioned weaknesses, they'll probably sound a lot better

Alon Miasnikov

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