Death Before Disco: Barricades
Death Before Disco - Barricades - [Lifeforce Records]


It's certainly hard to place Death Before Disco in any discernable musical box, you might describe them as an Emocore band, but their music incorporates elements from so many musical genres that it could have easily come out as jumbled and confusing, strangely enough - it didn’t.

"Etireno" starts off the album with a band, the sound is quite raw and simplistic, but it manages to accentuate all of the band's strengths, they use emo vocals in with the hardcore guitars, and then switch to Pink Floyd sophistication and complexity, there are enough strong melodic flourishes for three whole songs and you start to get the impression that the band is hell-bent on surprising you.

Songs like "Barricades Of Rumble" bring to mind The Mars Volta, frequent breaks and turns while still being accessible, though sounding thoroughly American, this Belgian band incorporates European sophistication a-la Extol in a song that is the epitome of their craft. "Goodbye" brings in the Indie Rock touches, acoustic guitars with a softer approach to their music; again, as confusing as the whole thing sounds, it works.

There are some faults, the vocals, as good as they are, come off as a bit flat as times, the arrangements a bit thin, but as a complete product, the album is fresh and interesting, and therefore - a success.

Alon Miasnikov

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