Inhumate: Life
Inhumate - Life - [Grind Your Soul Distro]


There's just as much as you can write about an oldschool grindcore album, I mean, its 16 tracks of blasting and aggression, with a vocalist that gurgles his inwards out, and these crazy French fucks do just that, they blast forward with one short machine gun attack after the other, without a second's respite.

Taking their queue from such classic grind core bands as Napalm Death and Brutal Truth, the guys use punk and hardcore oriented riffs and pour on the aggression, countless BPMs and head crunching screams, there's little on the way of diversity or sophistication, but those interested in having their eardrums imploding and acts of random violence- will have plenty to enjoy here. In any case, its well produced and as well played as this genre gets, so enjoy, or not.

Alon Miasnikov

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