In Blackest Velvet: Insuisight
In Blackest Velvet - Insuisight - [Self-released]


It's good to know that members of the underrated German death metal band Night In Gales did not disappear completely, the band has created several solid metal releases throughout the years and it was sad to hear they were throwing in the towel.

There are quite a few similarities between the two bands, In Blackest Velvet also create what might be described as melodic death metal with some In Flames touches dropping by here and there, but, similar to Night In Gales later albums, they also adopt a somewhat unorthodox approach with different from different genres thrown in as well. Musicianship is top notch, as is the production, I haven’t heard the band's first release, but I beat its quite different from this one, when keeping in mind the line up changes the band has been through since, in any case – this mini album works well.

Opening track "Lamb Of Liberty" has everything the band has going for itself, heavy and yet groove-laden death metal, strong growled vocals, a dynamic rhythm section and good riffs, the song is quite different than any other death metal out there, but it works. "Flames Await" is even more 'out there', screaming growled vocals that bring to mind At The Gates and some interesting riffs that sound nothing like death metal.

The album works well on almost all levels, it may be a bit too off the board for traditional death metal fans, but it had enough aggression and groove for me.

Alon Miasnikov

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