Requiem: Government Denies Knowledge
Requiem - Government Denies Knowledge - [Massacre Records]


This Swiss death metal band doesn’t overcomplicate things; the band's second full length album is an in-your-face death metal album with an oldschool feel and unabashed aggression, with very little diversity.

The title track kicks things up perfectly, fast traditional death metal riffing with blast beats and strong growled vocals, it comes off as a lot of other death metal bands, but it still sounds professional and aggressive enough. There are no melodic riffs and lead work here, just one killing blow after the other.

"Bloodcult" is one of the best tracks here, it sounds different and well written, the riffs are memorable and the use of vocals works well, this isn’t too original or ground breaking, its just solid death metal with no metalcore or melodic influences whatsoever. "Sonderkommando 12" is a fast and deadly grind number, yet its followed by one of the more sophisticated cuts here – "Diary Of A Damaged Brain" is more mature and makes a smart use of the death vocals.

To conclude, not originality or melody, but pure aggression and oldschool death metal, if it's what you're looking for, you found it.

Alon Miasnikov

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