Heed: The Call
Heed - The Call - [Metal Heaven Records]


This is very good news for all of you melodic metal fans out there, 2 ex-members of power metal heavy weights Lost Horizon are back, on top form, in what is probably one of the best metal albums to be released this year thus far.

My admiration for vocalist Daniel Heiman's voice is a well-established fact, I've stated, in several places and at different occasions, that I view him as one of the world's best metal vocalists, his delivery in both Lost Horizon albums and on the one Crystal Eyes album he sang on was nothing short of amazing, having not heard from him in a while I was starting to worry, and the release of Heed's debut has finally put my mind at ease, he's back.

Heed is a very different story than Lost Horizon's hyper fast, hyper crowded whirlwind of a metal extravaganza, Heed are much more calculated, more modern sounding, while Lost Horizon sounded like Manowar on speed Heed come off as a much smarter and well crafted piece of work that has every band member doing a fantastic turn without resorting to theatrics. Gone are the pseudonyms such as "Intergalactic Masturbator" or "Bionic Spermulator", this time it's pure, in your face, straight-edged metal, and I have to say it's just excellent.

There's no real weak track in this, the opener "I'm alive" uses Heiman's soaring vocals perfectly, guitarist Fredrik Olsson also delivers the goods with some sold sounding, almost thrash-like riffs, he does not go overboard with leads and leaks, he just sets a steady pace and a good catchy tune.

"Last Drop Of Blood" continues the same line, sold and heavy stuff, with very few kitsch factors, Heiman delivers a fine performance, he does not resort to theatrics, though his range is truly amazing, he does not flaunt it easily, rather setting a mood than just seeking to impress. Favorite track here is "Enemy", one of the best choruses I've heard in a long time, it's just heavy and majestic enough for power metal fans, but its also modern and sophisticated enough for less traditional metal fans.

All in all, this is one of my favorite albums from 2006, I was really expecting a lot from a band with this much talent in it, and though surprised at the very different direction from Lost Horizon, I was not disappointed.

Alon Miasnikov

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