Lesbian Bed Death: I use my powers for evil
Lesbian Bed Death - I use my powers for evil - [Psychophonic Records]


"Lesbian bed death", is a fine alternative rock trio, that is filled with winks towards the extreme of glam metal, the mystery and sexuality of the gothic culture and still keeps it fresh, fun and enjoyable; you are all invited to this party.

"Lesbian bed death" are a group of three musicians, that go by the nick names of "Mr. Peach", who's in-charge of all the well put guitar work, "Magic Andy" who fills the air with his cool bass playing, and the sexy Luci4 that manages to carry the heavy works behind her, and yet keeps it fun, loose, and filled with sex appeal.

I'm not quite sure what it is that keeps their music so young and fresh, maybe it's well self aware sexy lyrics, which most of the time concentrate on young hot gothic blood hungry and sex maniac girls, and perhaps it's their ability to create great melodies with great structures and still keep it simple.

As I mentioned earlier most of the lyrics are about hot sexy gothic girls, which makes me wonder if they were written with a sense of humor, and never meant to be counted as lyrical masterpieces, or they were never meant to be deep and too meaning full, but we're only supposed to be hot and sexy.

Between the sex charged songs there are songs like "Puppets on black strings", that can easily shut up anyone who thinks that this band can't get serious and dramatic. In this song they deliver a very well written rock ballad, Luci4 changes her black vinyl suit for a relaxed nice gown, and sings in a heart touching voice; One of my favorites on the album.

The music tends towards alternative rock, with some heavier elements in it, the guitar solos sometimes are dragged into the Glam metal zone, but with very good taste and self awareness. Mr. peach succeeds in not falling into the traps of the style and keeps it elegant, varied and not tacky.

Luci4, is a great singer, she is shown in different lights throughout the album, mostly she's a strong sexy dominant queen, and carries on the Testosterone filled lyrics, and does great work by turning everyone on, with her sighs, and vocal act, sexy but classy. A second later she puts on a sensitive mask, in the song "Puppet on black strings", when you get to much attached to it, she turns back to the lusting dominate queen, by the end of the album you're enchanted and turned on badly.

The album "I use my powers for evil" is a very good album but it is not flawless, the massive interest in sexy gothic chicks sometimes makes the album too lose, and a bit hard to take it seriously, although it has some varied points, they come to little to late. Musically it is a well played album, but in the bottom line it doesn't bring anything new to the table, Also, I was left thinking that Luci4 could use her vocal in a bit wider range of styles throughout the album.

Even though, those liner notes don't make this album any less fun, refreshing, and potentially becoming a cult piece, and with all due respect to adventurous music styles, and deep emotional songs about love, wars and science fiction, nothing can top a sexy woman voice while she sighs, as she sings about hot, sex craving gothic girls, and you know it.

Roy Povarchik

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