Absurd Conflict - I'm Your History / Point Of Crisis - [Meret Prodictions]


Absurd conflict is a band from the Czech Republic. It was formed in 1998, came out with an album that was known in the underground, and in 2001 they produced an EP named I'm Your History through Meret Productions. The band plays Death Metal that changes, at least musically speaking, to Thrash Metal. The tunes and the melody are really nice, but the vocalist remains with the same style of singing throughout the five songs in this EP, and that's annoying.

The EP starts off with Sentenced To Life, which is a fine song, music wise, with change in rhythms, impressive solos and some great drum work, but the lyrics of the vocalist are fun for no more than three minutes, and this song lasts eight minutes. The next song, Daddy's Love, is twice as short, but twice as bad. The style of singing is obnoxiously repetitive here, and although the music is, yet again, very nice, the song is boring, plain and simple. In Heroism the band moved to a three and half minute song, and there this vocalist showed a little bit of variety when he took his growls and made them a bit more extreme, but it didn't last long and it didn't happen enough. Sex For A Marks, the song that follows, has Thrash written all over it, and you could really sense that at the beginning of the song. This Thrash-like song reminded me a lot of Pantera. Vlastrex, that's the name of the vocalist, by the way, continues with his Death sound, but I guess I got used to it, because it didn't sound all that bad now. The last song on the EP. False Messiah, is a continuation of the previous song. It has a melodic intro that lasts about a minute, and then Vlastrex joins in, says a few words, and all of a sudden the music becomes extremely heavy and with the addition of Vlasterx's deep-throat growls this song takes an interesting turn. As the song draws to a close the tunes become less heavy and more melodic, although the growls remain the same.

Two years after I'm Your History the band recruited new band members, new vocalist Martin Brnovjak and new guitarist Frantisek, and with these new members Absurd Conflict decided to produce a four-song promo named Point Of Crisis, that would help them to convince record companies to sign them. From the first few notes you could really hear the progress the band made. Martin isn't afraid to go up and down with the level of his growls. He is not afraid to slow down his singing-style, and voice sounds better. The band continues her professional and melodic Thrash Metal style of music, and it swaps rhythms with an amazing speed. The music could be melodic for one moment, then it becomes very heavy and from nowhere it transforms to a jumpy Thrash rhythm. All of this happens in one song a lot of times. This promo features A Tragedy Concept that ends too suddenly, Point Of Crisis, which after its name the promo was named, and rightfully so, and the last two songs, Till The End and Across The Wasteland. The former is very reminiscent of what we can find in the EP from 2001, but with one huge difference – Martin's voice is much more bearable. Pity it ends so suddenly. The latter is an excellent instrumental track that shows what would have happened if we mixed Dream Theatre, Megadeth and Pantera.

Nir Haviv

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