Bury My Sins: Today's Black Death
Bury My Sins - Today's Black Death - [Circulation Records]


I'll be the first to admit this – There are far too many metalcore bands in this world today. The fact that every shirt-haired, shabby dressed shouted can start out a band which copies melodic death bands and calls it metalcore is pissing me off more and more.

With that said, Bury My Sins have created quite a gem of a first album with this. Anyone listening to the first few minutes of the album will be struck how similar is the band's music to that done by current American bands such as Killswitch Engage with some German Caliban thrown in as well, but the main fact remains – its all very well done, great riffs, excellent growled/shouted vocals, fine rhythm section work, it all works well. The only difference between the band's music and that of Killswitch's, is the lack of melodic vocals in Bury My Sins, apart from that – it’s almost identical at times, and that's a compliment.

The kind of metalcore that I do enjoy is the one using Melodic death metal as a basis, and Bury My Sins would have come off as Dark Tranquillity clones quite easily, this is a heavy MF without give, no let down in the speed and aggression until it reaches the instrumental "Just One Tear" with its acoustic guitars and melodic lead, apart from that – Its just a continuous kick in the face.

So surmise – lots of talent, some serious aggression and clear sound make this album a winner, it's not completely original yet, but the band will probably develop its own unique character with time, as far as metalcore goes – this rocks.

Alon Miasnikov

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