Viron - NWOGHM - [Sonic Age Records]


Well, I don’t know what Viron means, but NWOGHM is actually – New Wave Of German Heavy Metal, a style which Viron proudly play, most evidently based on the more famous British Heavy Metal wave that had its heyday during the early 80's.
There are some similarities, melodic heavy metal with galloping riffs and melodic leads work, high pitched, almost operatic vocals, its all there, but still with that certain German spice strewn in the mix.

Viron have started their career as Seduction, later changing their name and releasing an EP followed by this album, their main strengths are the solid playing ability, vocalist's Alex Stahl's vocals, which reminded me at times of Blind Guardian's Hansi Kurch, and the tight and clear sound, sounding very similar to the one used by such bands as Dream Evil.

The album moves from such rather fast and high-tempo tracks a the opener – “Blow The fuse”, to slower, more epic sounding tracks as such “Viron”, or the almost ballad-like “Winds Of Valhalla”. I have to say that some of the slower moments didn’t sit well with me, the parts in which the band shines are the faster ones, such as the mid-paced “For Her Majesty”, which has a good Saxon/Accept like riff running through it.

This is not a great album, and the band does need a bit more of a solid direction, but its still fun and professional sounding heavy metal.

Alon Miasnikov

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