Debauchery: Torture Pit
Debauchery - Torture Pit - [Black Attakk]


Wow, these guys absolutely blew my mind with this, their third album, an amazingly solid piece of death n' roll metal.
On first glance, this certainly looks like a Cannibal Corpse wanna-be, gory cover art, old school death metal logo, song titles that seem as if written by Chris Barnes, but once you start listening to the opening riffs in “Torture Pit”, you understand this is a death metal version of a heavy metal album, the vocals may be extremely deep death growls, but the music is almost purely heavy metal, with melodic guitar leads, rocking riffs, and a clear, crisp sound.

As strange as it all sounds, it works great, they have some deep rooted brutality combined with the truly excellent death growls, but it sits in well with the groove and overall catchiness of the music, just listen to anthems such as the memorable “Death Metal Warmachine” and you'll get the point.

They also turn into heavier death metal territory with tracks such as “Vitality Of Decay” and “Meat Grinder”, but they also have this groove about them. The question might be asked - why do death metal at all? Some tracks, apart from the vocals, are pure heavy metal, but the thing is, if it's not broken, why fix it? The combination works great, with the death grunts adding some fine aggression to it all.
If it all works this good, there's no reason to debut this album's greatness.

Alon Miasnikov

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