The Dogma: Black Roses
The Dogma - Black Roses - [Drakkar Entertainment]


Italian power metal The Dogma may have been unknowns up until this, their debut album, but I have a feeling that is about to change.

Everything about this release has an air of quality, bringing to mind such power metal greats as Labyrinth or Vision Divine, to name but two. The music is fast and melodic power metal, very well produced by Siggi Bemm at the famous Woodhouse studios, the musicianship is top notch, the vocals bring to mind those by Rhapsody's Fabio Lione, and there's a good dose of orchestral and operatic segments that also elevate the album. Just to top that, the drumming on the album was done by Rage's Mike Terrana, probably the best power metal drummer alive.

To put an interesting spine on the band's power metal, I can describe it as "tragic power metal", the band has this tragic vibe going through their music and lyrics, especially obvious in vocalist Daniele Santori's heartfelt delivery - it’s another elements that give the whole thing an air of dignity.

Another thing that won me over is the lack of the usual kitsch ballad, the album ends on a quite note with the dark "Maryann", but all though the proceedings there's no kitsch in sight, from the aggressive “Wicked Angel” to the operatic quality of the title track, it’s all energy and speed.

I will agree to the fact that there's not much here in presenting something new to the genre, this takes elements from Rhapsody (orchestration), Labyrinth (guitar melodies) and plenty of others, but it's done with such class and ability, that I cant really fault it, it’s just a very good power metal album.

Alon Miasnikov

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