Dark Haven: Your Darkest Hour
Dark Haven - Your Darkest Hour - [Self Produced]


This is quite an impressive release by this young American band, taking its que from such Melodic death metal stalwarts such as In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, nothing new there, but it’s the quality of their music which shines through on this, their 5 song debut EP.

The album starts off with "Nightmare", the sound is quite impressive, doesn’t come off as a self produced CD, it actually sounds better than some of the label signed stuff out there, very reminiscent of early In Flames albums, there's a smart use of keyboards, a colorful movement of vocals, death growls to melodic ones.

Second track – “Revenant”, is a more aggressive affair, same use of melodic guitar riffs, very well done, but the rhythm is faster, similar to some of Dark Tranquility's faster moments. “Blackheart” starts with some clean guitars and a nice little lead filler, I have to say, among the many melodic death bands I've heard lately, this is certainly some of the better material.

The title track features some more aggressive rhythms, I guess it's impossible to disregard the fact that the band sounds incredibly similar to In Flames, but it’s the quality of their music which shines through constantly. My bet? They'll be signed in the near future, and we'll certainly hear some more from them, they deserve it

Alon Miasnikov

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