Revolting Cocks: Cocked & Loaded
Revolting Cocks - Cocked & Loaded - [13th Planet]


Ten thing you can do while listening to the new Revolting Cocks album: driving a convertible Cadillac with a ton of beer and boobs attached to a girl on the passenger seat; to scratch your balls; to play pool; to use heavy drugs; to use light drugs; to drink a lot of beer; to play your PS wearing last week’s underwear; to watch cheek cable porn; to play it to you ex-girlfriend, that Bitch, on her answering machine; to fantasize you member is as big as Al Jourgensen’s member.

After 12 year of silence, Revolting Cocks release a new album. Revolting Cocks is actually an Al Jourgensen side project, one where he can discharge all the bleeding seriousness of Ministry.
Like Ministry, this band is formed of variable members – or as Jourgensen defined it – the album is built of parts that just happened and were recorded at home, when friends came to visit and played; just a bunch of over aged men who like drinking beer, dirty jokes and playing really heavy, fast and loud.

In this masterpiece Jourgensen uses the services of some of the best dinosaurs the industry can offer – including Jello Biafra (who was with him on Lard as well) off the punk side, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top's guitarist) and Gibby Haynes (from Butthole Surfers).
The eclectics of the participants is well heard throughout the album, which manages to persuade a sense of sweaty-packed-with-burps-rockn’roll (one that makes you want to slam your head against a wall, in the positive way, and shout the wife away to do the dishes) although it’s right in the crossover between metal and electro, through punk, funk and industrial.
The album emphasizes the stupid violent (in the positive meaning) atmosphere so well that even the cover version for “Dark Entries” by the slow and depressive gothic kings Bauhaus makes you wanna stand like an idiot in front of the mirror, in your underwear, with a broomstick for a guitar, and scream your throat out ‘till dawn.

Beyond the fact that this album is excellent, fun, badass and perfect- it shows that Al Jourgensen only improves with age, and raises the expectations bar for the upcoming Ministry album.

Sachi Piro

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